For orderers

Here you as an orderer can get support and order contracted services from Falck Previa and from our subcontractors.

Order service

Here you can directly fill in and place individual or group orders of contracted services, e.g. statutory surveys.

Start case dialogue

Book an appointment for an initial discussion with our experts about needs and to start up a case, for example in rehab, leadership, ergonomics and work environment.

Help to choose

Get guidance from our experts on which service or intervention best meets your needs. The guidance takes place online with web booking.

Order contracted services

To read more or order online select the service by category. Search for a service with Ctrl+F.

Career and Outplacement (3)

Crisis Support (1)

Qualified support before, during and after a crisis.

Digital Services (3)

E-learning (8)

Ergonomics (2)

Health and Lifestyle (13)

New Employment (3)

Organisation and Leadership Support (7)

Rehabilitation and support (6)

Risk use and addiction (1)

Statutory Checkups (35)

Systematic Work Environment Management (6)

Training and Inspiration (6)

Vaccination and Sampling (7)

Start a case dialogue

Select the area for the intervention and describe your needs in the message box to book an appointment for a start-up dialogue by phone or digitally.


Sickness and Health Report

Collected statistics and management of absences and individual cases.