Support for the Workplace During Corona

Counteracting ill health caused by work environment is the focus for many employers. Falck offers increased support and services for the entire company and for individual employees – both due to changes in the workplace and the fact that many work from home.

In difficult times, corporate health must be simple

Crisis support for managers and staff

High workload, extensive anxiety and uncertainty are factors that currently prevail in a large proportion of our workplaces. Employers face a number of challenges where acute management of pandemic side effects on operations and staff in one way or another needs to be addressed.

Many have employees with a constant high workload who feel inadequate and in need of recovery. Others have employees who are not only workin alone but also socially distant and isolated. In addition, there are employees who have legitimate concerns about both their health and their employment.

Crisis support

Customized efforts for companies

Major changes in workplaces due to corona mean that the work environment and health need special focus. To simplify the day-to-day work for managers and HR, we customize our efforts and services to meet the needs of the organization.

This applies, for example, to leadership through direct management support, or ergonomics and psychosocial work environment through targeted efforts for employees who work from home.

In support of HR and for the entire organization, we carry out health and safety surveys designed for changes in working life.

Access to expert support online

When many people work from home and avoid traveling to reduce the spread of covid-19, we offer a variety of digital services to increase the availability to our experts and services.

For example, you can get counselling online or over the phone, participate in workshops, watch movies and online training for both individuals and groups.

For selected online services, we offer web booking where you as a manager or your employee get a direct link for appointments online.

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Counseling rehab online

Rehab coordinators support managers when there are employees with symptoms of reduced working capacity or in case of signs of ill health.

Guidance for managers

Our organizational consultants guide managers on issues such as leading at a distance, organizing work or other questions that may be important in current situation.

Crisis support

Contact with crisis specialists and advice on crisis situations and stabilising operations. Our crisis support experts bring increased support, availability and expertise to the company's crisis organisation.

Covid-19 antibody test

Sampling for covid-19 antibodies for staff groups and individuals, with analysis in medical laboratory.

About the service

Online support calls

Our behavioural scientists and psychologists provide support to managers and employees in matters such as anxiety, isolation or risky behaviour.

Risk assessment

Through advice from our work environment engineers, you will get answers to questions about risk assessment, such as infection risks or start-up of operations after teleworking.

Online ergonomics

Get advice on work environment and working methods as more and more people work from home. Our ergonomes and physiotherapists give lectures, ergonomic reviews and support in matters related to work from home.

Covid-19 antigen test

For employers in need of ensuring that there are no covid-19 employees at the workplace, quick testing is offered.

About the service

New concept provides support when working from home

Falck's overall concept helps managers achieve a sustainable work environment even when employees work from home.

Work from home concept

New Health and Work Environment Survey

With Falck's health and work environment survey, the manager gets a comprehensive picture of the health situation at both individual and group level. Employees complete the questionnaire and immediately see their results online.

Falck's Health and Work Environment Survey

The price for all consultancy services is according to the agreed hourly rate.

General advice

We can work together to slow down the spread of the corona virus by:

  • Stay home if you have any symptoms.
  • Wash hands often with soap and water.
  • Keep distance from others both indoors and outdoors.
  • If possible, avoid using public transport.
  • Choose a transport where you can book a seat or can avoid crowding.
  • Avoid participating in larger social contexts.