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Counselling Ergonomics Online

Here the employee receives advices on strain problems and ergonomic issues at the workplace or at the home office by an ergonom/physiotherapist. The counselling is done through a video call via Falck's app.

Feeling pain affects work whether it comes from work or from factors outside work. Problems may arise due to an inappropriate working position or a lack of workplace design. What can be done to reduce and prevent discomfort? What efforts can be made to be able to continue working despite problems? Through a counselling with a physiotherapist, your employee receives advice and support.

Tip! If the counselling regards the workplace design, use a mobile phone because of its advantage to be able to more easily show and describe the workplace solution that exists.

If you want to get counselling by phone or visit Falck's unit, order counselling ergonom/physiotherapist

How it works

  1. Order service
    When you as the manager order the service, you start by describing what questions and needs there are. When you send the order, your employee who the visit intends automatically receive an email with instructions for web booking.
  2. Make an appointment
    The employee uses the link and webbooks his or her appointment .
  3. Advice
    During the counselling, the physiotherapist creates an understanding of the issue/problem and makes an assessment of the problem picture, situation and suggestions on how to handel the situation.
  4. Feedback
    During the feedback, efforts are proposed for an improved working environment. If the employee's troubles fall outside the competence of occupational health, advice and guidance are given where to turn.


Thank you for your request! We will be in touch as soon as we can and will respond to your booking request within two days.


Here you as a manager or authorized customer, can order counselling online for your employees. After you have placed the order, you will immediately receive a confirmation and the employee will recive a direct link for booking the appointment. 

Want to know more?

Please contact us if you want to know more about the service or how we can provide support to your business.