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Health and Work Environment Survey

Get an overview of the health situation with Falck's Health and work environment survey. It includes questions about lifestyle, physical and mental health, the social and organisational work environment and about work from home.

Through the online survey, the company quickly gets an overall picture and status of the factors within health and work environment that are of the utmost importance for health in working life. The questions address: exercise and movement, eating habits, alcohol, tobacco, physical discomfort, stress, sleep, energy level, organizational and social work environment, and work from home (new).

News! Questions about work from home

As more and more people work from home, it can be a challenge as a manager to ensure a healthy work situation for employees. There are now specific questions about working from home included in the health and work environment survey that cover areas such as variety, equipment, routines, work pace, efficiency, social contacts and balance in life.

After answering the questionnaire, the employee receives an immediate feedback with health status and recommendations in areas to develop. As a manager, you get a summary at a group level when at least 10 of the employees have completed the survey.

Options for the result

Once the health and safety survey has been completed, the results can be followed up with two options:

– Health coaching for employees in personal conversations with a health promoter online.

- Feedback to the manager with analysis at group level that shows strengths, development opportunities and needs in the business.

Read more options and subsequent efforts in the Work At Home concept

How the health and safety survey is done

  1. Order
    Fill out the form. Within five working days, employees will receive an e-mail invitation with a link to the health and safety survey.

  2. The employee answers the health and safety survey
    The online questionnaire takes about 5 minutes to answer and is available for 14 days.
  3. Results
    After completing the questionnaire, the employee receives an immediate feedback with green, yellow or red results per question area. When the questionnaire is closed, after 14 days, you as a manager receive a summary of the responses at a group level via secure e-mail.

  4. The options
    Health coaching: Employees easily book their time for video visits via web booking.
    Rereport with analysis: Falck's expert contacts the manager.

What to consider

  • Inform employees about the service before sending the online questionnaire
  • The employee identifies with BankID in order to answer the online questionnaire.
  • At least 10 questionnaires answered are required for group report to be generated
  • Do you want the service for your entire organization with reports at different levels? Contact us for planning.


Here you can order the health and work environment survey for your organization or working group.

New concept provides support when working from home

Falck's overall concept helps managers achieve a sustainable work environment even when employees work from home.

Work from home concept

Want to know more?

Please contact us if you want to know more about the survey or how we can provide support to the business.