Rehabilitation and support

The Rehab Planner

Falck's online service The rehab planner provides support for managers to take their rehabilitation responsibility and together with the employee make a plan for return to work on sick leave. The rehab planner also provides support for HR to follow up and meet the requirements of the rehabilitation process.

The rehab planner is a documentation tool for rehabilitation where the manager and HR have the opportunity to map the employees' work abilities and conditions for coping with return to work in case of sick leave or reduced working capacity.

The rehab planner also gives HR the opportunity to monitor the health situation in the company and to support the managers' work with rehabilitation and early intervention.

Through the service, HR and managers get an overview of the entire company and can easily follow up the absences, planned efforts and provide analytical data for preventive measures. If Falck's rehab coordinator supports the business, they also have access to the rehab planner.

Rehab planner is a web-based add-on service to Falck's online service Sickness and Health Report that provides increased functionality in the statistics tool.

This is the Rehab Planner.

The rehab planner includes four features: Wellness Check, Return to Work, Document Upload, and Note. In the Rehab Planner, the documentation is collected, in a GDPR-secure way, in one place.

Wellness check

The wellness check is used when employees need some form of rehabilitation in connection with work. It can be both in case of short- and long-term absence or if necessary preventive measures.

Plan for return to work

This plan is used when an employee has been on sick leave for 30 days and with a prognosis that the sick leave will last at least 60 days. In the plan, the manager documents the formal rehabilitation plan that is based on the legal requirements followed up by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Uploading documents

It is possible to upload documents, and in a GDPR-secure way collect information in one place.

New note

Notes from, for example, rehab meetings or follow-ups can be recorded directly in the online service.


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