Health and Lifestyle


HealthWatch is a web-based tool that maps health and the organisational and social work environment. The service is aimed at employees, working groups and managers in order to preserve and promote health and quality of life as well as counteract stress problems and other ill health.

Tools that map health and work environment

The tool creates conditions for a developing dialogue between managers and employees. It provides concrete and practical tools for the individual, the working group and the manager to preserve and increase health and quality of life and to combat stress-related ill health.

The tool includes exercises for stress management and other health promotion aspects that are specially designed to increase recovery, concentration, performance and general well-being. The service is easily accessed via the web or as an app on phone or tablet.

How the mapping works

  1. Employees regularly answer 11 questions

    The questions include how the atmosphere at work is perceived, how the workload and job satisfaction are perceived, how stressed you feel, how you sleep and how the concentration is.
  2. The answers help the employee follow health over time

    When the questions are answered, the employee receives direct feedback and can thus follow their health over time. This way, the employee gets an opportunity to reflect concretely on their health.
  3. The answers help the manager and the working group

    The employees answers to the survey give the manager the opportunity to easily follow the work group's development to better understand needs and expectations. That stimulate joint development and problem solving. As a manager, you also get access to training in, for example, job satisfaction and efficiency, confidence-building leadership and open climate.


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