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Sickness and Health Report

With Falck's sickness and health report employees can, 24 hours a day, report online or on the phone, talk to experienced nurses and get medical guidance. In addition, Sickness and Health Report, among other things, handle the sick leave report and when absence due to child care, planning of possible rehabilitation and guidance for managers in matters concerning employees.

The sickness and health report provides counselling and management of short-term and long-term sick leave for employees and managers. The position is aimed at employees, employers, rehab coordinators and managers.

The sickness and health report is a tool for effective absence management. As an employer, you avoid administration work at the same time as Falck's health counselling helps employees get well. At the same time, the service creates a basis for decision-making for the work environment, and gives an overview of the causes of sick leave. This makes it easy to keep track of rehabilitation needs and staffing planning.

How the Sickness and Health report works

  1. Employee makes a sick report

    Sickness notification, or child care notification, is done quickly and easily in the tool, which is available every day, 24 hours a day, online or over the phone.
  2. The employee is advised by a nurse

    In connection with the illness, the employee can talk to an experienced nurse who gives medical advices. After that, the employee is continuously contacted about the state of health with continued counselling and follow-ups.
  3. Falck contacts the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

    In case of illens (not child care), Falck handles contact with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, which makes it easier for both the employee and you as a manager or employer.
  4. Easily follow up all total absence cases

    To make it easier for you as a manager, all absence cases are gathered in a statistics tool, where you can quickly and easily get an overview of all the cases. You can, among other things, see registered cases, reasons for absence, estimated return and healthy registration. In the statistical tool you also get access to reports with a clear picture of, for example, total absence days due to illness and child care, repeated short-term absences and long-term sick leave.

The following are included in the Sickness and health report service

  • Sick and child care notification online or by phone with 24/7 medical advice, with the possibility of customized information.

  • Healthy registration online or via web link in sms, autoservice on the phone or personal service.

  • Real-time update to the manager and other information recipients via SMS, e-mail and web service.

  • Follow-up during the absence period and reminder of a medical certificate.

  • Notification to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency on day 15 in case of sick leave longer than 14 days.

  • Catch early signals - notification to the manager and rehab coordinator in case of work-related absences, repeated short-term absences and long-term absences.

  • Real-time statistics

  • Analysis of sick leave over time

  • Create and export custom reports

  • English-language version

Additional service: Rehab planner

Falck's online service Rehab planner is available as an additional service in the statistics tool and is a documentation tool for managers and HR. The rehab planner enables HR to monitor the health situation in the company and to support the managers' work with rehabilitation and early intervention.

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