Online Stress Management

Online Stress Management gives the employee access to quality assured CBT treatment for stress-related problems.

Our online stress management service is a web-based application that the employee can easily access via computer, mobile or tablet. Through the online service, employees with stress-related problems can learn how to manage and live with stresses in everyday life in a functional and sustainable way. Online stress management is developed by Braive.

How Online Stress management works

  1. Quality Assured treatment
    Online stress management lasts for eight weeks through web-based lessons consisting of films, activities and sound-related exercises. Among other things, the participant learns relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and tools to regulate stress and increase performance. This help the wmployee to better manage the demands of everyday life.

  2. Weekly contact with coach
    Each week, the participant has a follow-up with a coach (psychologist or behavioral scientist from Previa) via video call and chat.

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