Online Counselling

Take advantage of our online advice to quickly and effectively get answers to your questions about work environment, health and rehabilitation. You can get consultation from Falck's experts directly in your mobile, tablet or computer.

Online counselling with Falck's experts

Through a video meeting via computer, phone or tablet, you can make direct contact with our experts. You can easily and smoothly talk to our safety engineers, occupational health nurses, occupational health physicians, psychologists, behavioral scientists, rehab coordinators and organizational consultants. They give you guidance and suggestions for improvements for your organization, your employees and your work environment. Up to five people can participate in a meeting.

Online counselling is aimed at both employers and employees. It is a convenient alternative to physical visits to occupational health for:

  • simpler initial assessments or counselling
  • follow-ups, where physical examination or sick leave is not required
  • assessment calls, support calls, counsellings, motivational calls and health advices.

Safety engineers online

With our safety engineers, you get suggestions for efforts to improve the work  environment and answers to questions about noise, vibration, lighting, ventilation and air quality.

Counselling with occupational safety engineer

Occupational health nurse and occupational health physicians online

Our occupational health nurses and physisians investigate, give advice and support in case of problems affecting work. For example, it can be mental disorders, respiratory problems or pain in the musculoskeletal system that is perceived to be related to the work environment.

Counselling with nurse or physician

Rehab coordinator online

With a rehab coordinator, factors that affect the employee's ability to work can be identified, effective actions can be planned, implemented and followed up. Managers also have the opportunity to get advice and support through consultation.

Counselling with rehab coordinators

Physiotherapist/Online Ergonomics

Through a video meeting with our physiotherapists/ergonoms, both you as a manager and your employee can get support in taking the right measures in case of, for example, strain problems or ergonomic issues in the workplace.

Counselling with physiotherapist/ergonomics

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