Counselling Rehab Coordinators

A rehab coordinator from Falck supports both you as a manager and your employees. The counselling can be done via video calls online, by phone or through a physical visit.

Our rehab coordinators support and suggest actions in case of symptoms of reduced working capacity or early signs of ill health with the risk of sick leave. When an employee for various reasons does not seem to feel well in the workplace, your employee may need support and advice on rehab. Through our rehab coordinators, factors that affect the employee's ability to work can be identified and effective actions can be planned, implemented and followed up. You as a manager also have the opportunity to get advice and support.

If you instead want to get advice online order counselling rehab online

How it works

  1. Describe your needs 
    When ordering the service, it is important that you describe what questions and needs there are, as well as whether the service is desired to be held by phone or during a physical visit. Please state whether you are the one who wishes the counselling or if it regards an employee. Time and instructions will then be notified by email.

  2. If the counselling applies to a employee
    The rehab coordinator adresses the problem through a structured survey. The survey sheds light on the health factors of the employee and factors in the work environment that affect work ability and health.

  3. If the counselling applies to you as a manager
    During the discussion with the rehab coordinator, you will receive advice and support on issues related to employees who show early signs of ill health or have reduced working capacity.

  4. Suggestions for recommended activities and action plan
    When the first call with the employee has been completed, you as the orderer receive feedback. The survey clarifies what can and needs to be done for your employee to maintain or regain their work ability. An action plan is drawn up. If the employee's troubles fall outside the competence of occupational health, advice and guidance are given where to turn.


You as a manager or authorized customer can order services directly online. After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email.