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Online Mental Training

For those who want to develop your mental skills, Previa offers mental training online. It is a quality assured CBT-based program where the employee is supported on an ongoing basis by a coach.

Our mental training online service is a web-based program that the employee can easily access via computer, mobile or tablet. The program gives the employee a toolbox of mental strategies to refocus, perform at their best, handle setback in a constructive way and get rid of unhelpful thoughts. Mental training online is developed by Braive.

How mental training online works

  1. Quality-assured treatment
    Online mental training lasts for eight weeks through web-based lessons consisting of movies and exercises. The participant gets, among other things, knowledge of mental abilities, mastery strategies and making changes. 

  2. Weekly contact with coach
    Every week the participant has follow-up with a coach (psychologist or behavioral scientist from Previa) via video call and chat.


You as a manager or authorized customer can order services directly online. After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email.

Want to know more?

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