Stress management - group support

Stress management in a group where participants with the same type of stress-related disorders meet together with a behavioral scientist or psychologist.

Previa's behavioral scientists and psychologists start discussion groups for people with similar stress-related illnesses.

Content of the course

The stress management course is aimed at those who feel that stress has a negative effect on you. You get increased knowledge, support and tools in changing your situation. You will learn to find a better work-life balance. The content and scope of the stress management is adapted to your needs depending on the type of stress-related problems you have.

Course length

Varies by group. Before starting, each participant is contacted by the support leader for an individual consultation. Current courses are posted both here and under each Previa unit.

After the stress management course

Through the stress management, you get an increased knowledge of stress, an understanding of which factors contribute to your own stress and guidance in implementing the changes needed to feel better.


Hourly charge according to agreement.

Other terms and conditions

The training can be rebooked or cancelled free of charge up to four weeks before the training begins. After that, 100% of the cost will be charged.

Invoicing takes place before the start of the course. Payment terms 30 days.

Previa reserves the right to cancel or rebook courses due to too few participants.

Business adaptation

The training can of course be adapted to your specific needs and conditions. You then choose whether you want the training to be held at your own workplace or in Previa's premises.

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