Stress management with CBT

The stress management course with a focus on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is aimed at those who experience stress that has a negative impact. On nine occasions, you will, among other things, learn to map thoughts, feelings and behaviors and maintain healthy patterns.

Today, many people suffer from stress-related problems. Stress management means learning to feel and reduce the stress that is experienced. If you risk being on sick leave or have been on sick leave due to stress, help is available. Stress management with a CBT focus is a course where you get knowledge, support and tools to prevent and change your situation. 

The education

The course is aimed at you who feel that stress affects you in a negative way. You get support and tools in how to change the situation and you learn how to get a better work-life balance.

The course is practical and is based on a "here and now" focus with CBT. The focus is primarily on your active participation, for example in the form of assignments mixed with theory and practical exercises.

  • Mapping thoughts, emotions, behaviors and bodily reactions
  • Basic stress theory
  • Recovery
  • Introduction to behavioral analysis
  • Stress theory
  • What contributes to my own stress levels?
  • Goals and change
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety and dwelling
  • Difference between setbacks and relapses
  • Maintaining healthy patterns, quality of life

Course length

During 12 weeks, there are 9 group meetings of 2 hours, including a follow-up meeting, as well as a seminar for the participants' managers.

After training Stress management with CBT

You get an increased knowledge about stress management and the factors that contribute to your stress. The course also gives you the tools to make changes required to make you feel better.


SEK 14,670 excluding VAT. This refers to the price per participant in our open courses. Company-adapted training is offered separately.

Other terms and conditions

The training can be rebooked or cancelled free of charge up to four weeks before the training begins. After that, 100% of the cost will be charged.

Invoicing takes place before the start of the course. Payment terms 30 days.

Previa reserves the right to cancel or rebook courses due to too few participants.

Business adaptation

The training can of course be adapted to your specific needs and conditions. You then choose whether you want the training to be held at your own workplace or in Previa's premises.

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