Rehabilitation and support

Supportive talk

When an employee is on sick leave, a supportive talk may be needed to return to work. Our behavioural scientists and psychologists support the employee to manage their situation and thus increase their working capacity.

Support can be given through a visit at Falck or by phone.

If you instead want to receive online support, order online support

How it works

A conversation between the employee and a psychologist – or behavioural scientist – from us is booked in. During the support, the employee's situation and problem picture are discussed. After that, you as an employer will receive an assessment that raises suggestions on how to handle the situation further. Are a couple of guiding talks enough? Is there a need for an in-depth assessment and/or some form of treatment?

  1. Define questions and needs

    When you as a manager choose to bring us in for supportive talk, it is important that you describe what questions and needs there are. Your employee is then booked for a visit with a behavioral scientist or psychologist from Falck. The time is communicated in an email to your employee and to you as the orderer.

  2. A first conversation with the employee

    The psychologist and behavioural scientist adresses the employee's problems. During the supportive talk, an assessment is made about the problem and suggestions on how to handle the situation it further is provided.

  3. Feedback with suggestions for continued efforts

    After the first talk, feedback is made to you as a manager. The feedback clarifies what can and needs to be done for your employee to maintain or regain their work ability.


You as a manager or authorized customer can order services directly online. After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email.

Want to know more?

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