Statutory Checkups

Ionizing radiation

The statutory check-up complies with the legal requirement according to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority regulations (2018:1). It determines whether employees are at particular risk of harm from exposure to ionizing radiation.

This statutory health check-up complies with the legal requirement of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority regulations on "basic regulations for licensed activities with ionizing radiation" (2018:1) and shall be carried out for employees who are exposed to ionizing radiation at work and belong to category A.

How it works

  1. Order and describe the employee's work
    When you order the service, describe the working conditions in which your employee operates, and attach your last risk assessment of the workplace. This is important for the proper conduct of the survey. Once you have ordered, your employee will be booked fora a health check-up. The time is communicated in an email to your employee and to you as the client.

  2. Appointments with a physician for sampling
    The medical check-up includes a clinical assessment of bodily functions, diseases and sampling.

  3. Certificate for service
    A certificate for service is issued to the employee and sent to you as the orderer.


You as a manager or authorized customer can order services directly online. After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email.

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