Statutory Checkups


Health check when working with cadmium in accordance with Section 54 of the Swedish Work Environment Authority's Regulations on Medical Checks at Work (AFS 2019:3), with assessment for certificate of service.

The health check-up is aimed to all employees with ongoing or planned cadmium exposure in accordance with the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations for Medical Checks at Work (AFS 2019:3). A medical examination shall be carried out before the work begins and every three years thereafter. If the work ceases for more than 12 months, the check-up may be suspended for the corresponding period.

The medical check-up shows whether there is a risk of ill health when exposed to cadmium. The examination detects at an early stage an increased uptake and an increased storage of cadmium in the body.

A medical check-up for cadmium shall be preceded by a risk assessment of the working environment to ensure that the work is carried out safely.

How it works

  1. Specify the substances exposed in the workplace
    When you order the service, you specify the substances your employee is mainly exposed to. When the service is ordered, your employee is booked for a health check-up. The time is communicated in an email to your employee and to you as the orderer.

  2. Physical
    During the visit, the employee may take samples and together with the occupational health physician they go through the exposure.

  3. Issued certificate of service
    The occupational health physician issues a certificate of service for work with cadmium.


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