Work Environment Assessment for Computer Work

Many workers spend most of their working time in front of the computer, with mobile devices and in various IT systems. Falck's work environment assessment for computer work helps employers and employees to get health perspectives on the digital work environment.

Working in front of a computer involves workload on both body and brain. The workload can be unhealthy and lead to stress, pain and body aches. This can lead to a lack of well-being and reduced work performance.

A well-designed work environment where work is organised for a healthy workload promotes well-being and good performance. It's good for everyone.

The assessment leads to increased knowledge, healthy behaviours and an improved ability to do the right thing in the digital work environment. The service also results in that the employer works with the requirements that the Swedish Work Environment Authority imposes on load ergonomics (AFS 2012:2).

How the assessment works

  1. Conversation and planning with an ergonomist

    When you as a manager have ordered the service, you will be contacted by an ergonomist to plan the performance of the service.
  2. Training in groups and individual review

    The work environment assessment for computer work involves a group training effort (maximum of 30 people). The training takes one hour and highlights how to prevent ill health when working in front of a computer. You will also receive an individual review "on site" where we go through the design of each workplace.
  3. Report with assessment and suggestions for improvement

    You will receive a report written by our physiotherapists/ergonomes with the results of the assessment. The report contains suggestions for improvements that you can do for a better work environment.
Byggarbetare sopar på byggarbetsplats.

Risk assessment of ergonomic load

Do you want to carry out a risk assessment of the entire workplace and not just linked to work with computers?

We provide the service "Risk assessment of ergonomic workload". We go through every part of the workplace according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's guidelines and educate you within selected parts.

Risk assessment in case of ergonomic workload


You as a manager or authorized customer can make an order request directly online. Describe your wishes and needs and we will contact you for more information.