Risk Assessment of Ergonomic Workload

According to the law, you as an employer must regularly examine working conditions and assess the risks of ill health or accidents at work. Previa is a support so that you can meet the criteria for a healthy workplace.

The risk assessment is based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations for systematic work environment management (AFS 2001:1) and the regulations for ergonomics for the preventions of musculoskeletal disorder (AFS 2012:2). They highlight requirements and guidance on how to create a good work environment.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations describe how the work environment management should be carried out in practice and require, among other things, risk assessment of working conditions. Ergonomic workload are an area that is part of the criterion for a good workplace.

Identifying risks of hazardous or unnecessarily tiring physical loads – and addressing them – creates the conditions for employees to thrive and be able to do a good job. A risk assessment is the same as looking for opportunities to improve the work environment and operations.

How the risk assessment works

  1. The assignment is planned based on your activities

    When you as a manager have ordered the service, you will be contacted by an ergonomist. Together you plan the assignment based on your activities.

  2. Implementation of the risk assessment

    The on-site assessment is made by an ergonomist – and often in collaboration with the manager, employees and safety representatives. The risk assessment can be done with different boundaries and with relevant checklists. An in-depth assessment can be made.

  3. Suggestions for improvements

    You will receive a report with the results of the assessment and suggestions for improvements.


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