Work with display screen and Work with your body as a tool

This online course includes both of the courses "work with display screens" and "work with the body as a tool". It is thus aimed at employees who vary screen work with more physically demanding work.

Work with display screens

The part of the online course that deals with work with display screens is about ergonomics. Today, more than 70% of the working population works with a computer as a tool. In order for the body to hold for a sedentary job, knowledge of what a sustainable work technique is and how to set up your workplace is needed. This course provides an introduction to what to do, what you should have in mind and why.

Working with your body as a tool

The second part of the online course that deals with working with the body is about ergonomics in jobs that are physically demanding. There are still many of these professions in Sweden today. Some are physically demanding during most of the day, such as construction work, work in catering, or warehouse work.

Other jobs are more sedentary but require that you occasionally work with more physically demanding tasks such as transports or driving of loaders. Regardless of the task, it is important that each employee has knowledge of how they can work so the body to last its entire working life.

The course takes about 30 minutes to complete.


SEK 360 excluding VAT per license.

Technical requirements

Windows 7/MacOS 10.5 or later updates. Internet connection (broadband). Flash version 9 or better.

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