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Lecture on remote leadership

New conditions and opportunities to work from home present new challenges in leadership. This lecture helps you as a manager to ensure a healthy and sustainable working environment remotely, both for your employees and for yourself.

To meet today's and tomorrow's work at a distance, both knowledge and new ways of working are needed. This is so that we can develop the systematic work environment management at a distance and create a sustainable work environment that works for everyone. This lecture includes:

  • differences between on-site and remote leadership
  • custom leadership
  • relationships and social interaction
  • prevention of ill health
  • the manager's own work environment
  • to lead in a pandemic.

The lecture is held by our experts in the field. If you want a customized web lecture, we will listen to your expectations and goals during a start-up meeting before we prepare the lecture.

How it works

  1. Describe wishes and needs
    In your request, you describe your needs. If the lecture is to be delivered physically, specify where it will be performed.

  2. Dialogue with expert before web lecture
    You will be contacted by an expert from us for assignment planning.

  3. Implementation
    The lecture takes 45 minutes and is conducted digitally.


Here you as a manager or authorized customer of your company can make the order request directly online. Describe your wishes and needs and we will contact you for more information.