Dealing with people expressing suicidal thoughts

Welcome to a webinar where we talk about how you as HR, manager, or leader can handle situations where employees express suicidal thoughts. We also discuss how you can support an employee who, in their professional practice, meets people who express that they no longer want to live.

Being the one who meets a fellow human being who feeling very bad mentally can for many feel difficult, especially without special knowledge, education and training. It is therefore important that HR, managers and leaders have the right knowledge to be able to handle difficult situations like these.

In this webinar, we talk about how you can meet and manage suicidal expressions, with a focus on immediate emergency situations.

 We will also talk about:

  • How common are suicide expressions and actions?
  • How can I deal with a suicidal person?
  • How can I support myself or co-workers who in their professions meet fellow human beings who express suicidal thoughts?
  • How can the organization's readiness be strengthened to deal with this?

Participants: Henrik Lindgren, psychologist at Falck Previa; and Erik Berglund, Head of Education.

This webinar is held in Swedish

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