First-day certificate

Here, as an employee, you can schedule an appointment for issuing a first-day certificate from the first day of sick leave.

Do the following

  1. Report your sick leave to your employer in accordance with the regular procedure for reporting sickness.
  2. Contact Falck via our app, Falck Online, or here below. BankID is required. 

    Opening hours
    For you who work during the day: Weekdays 08:00–10:00
    For you who work evenings/nights: Weekdays 14:00–15:45
    For you who work weekends: Weekends 08:00–09:00

  3. Wait for your turn in the digital waiting room. During the visit, an assessment will be made of whether you are fully or partially unable to work for medical reasons. 

  4. A written assessment (first day certificate) is sent to you and your manager via secure e-mail, or handled according to procedures agreed with your employer.


To keep in mind

  • Webcam and microphone should be turned on.
  • Make sure there is good light in the room. Turn on a lamp and/or light from windows.
  • In case of fever, have access to a fever thermometer. You need to be prepared to take the fever and show results during the conversation.
  • Be dressed as for a physical visit. However, you may need to show, for example, a swollen knee or difficulty walking in order to receive an accurate assessment.


Opening hours

Weekdays at 08:00–10:00 for you who work during the day. Weekdays at 14:00–16:00 for you who work evening / night. Weekends and holidays, 8:00–09:00 for you who work weekends.