For orderers

Here you as a customer can get support and order agreed services from Falck. Before placing an order, make sure that the order is in line with the business's internal working methods and work environment goals.

Urgent matters

Services that require quick handling, such as alcohol and drug suspicion test, crisis support during office hours or LTA assessment, are ordered by phone 0775-522 522 between 8-16:30

Advice for managers and HR 

Here you can discuss the needs or challenges to get an initial guidance online on which service or competence that best meets the current.

Order history

New! As an orderer, you can view the history of your online orders. For the order to appear in the history, you need to identify yourself when you place the order. Read more

Order contracted services

To order, read more or order service under each category. If you want the order to appear in your history, you need to confirm your identity with e-identification. Search for a service with Ctrl+F.

Crisis Support (1)

Qualified support before, during and after a crisis.

Digital Services (2)

E-learning (6)

Ergonomics (2)

Health and Lifestyle (12)

New Employment (4)

Organisation and Leadership Support (4)

Rehabilitation and support (8)

Services you have access to (2)

You have access to the following functions and online tools through your agreement. For user support, please contact our customer service and support

Statutory Checkups (15)

Systematic Work Environment Management (8)

Training and Inspiration (7)

Vaccination and Sampling (1)