Here you can find answers to our most common questions and where to turn, if you need help or support.

General questions

  1. If advice, examination and assessment of an injury/problem/ill-health is needed, Falck will meet Volvo Group employees. It can e.g. be a booked visit by the manager, an assessment visit booked by the employee himself or a minor injury. An injury/problem/illness can have various causes:

    - When connection to the workplace and working conditions is the Occupational health care that works together with the employer and the employee to improve or maintain work ability
    - When connection to free time, lifestyle, genetic factors or family and housing conditions etc. an external actor works, e.g. the health center together with the individual.

  2. Based on the examination and assessment, Falck will present options for the next step. It can e.g. be further investigation/treatment at Falck, referral to another carer or acute serious injury that needs more qualified medical care.
  3. If necessary, Falck will propose a return to work (RTW) is initiated. The goal is not to lose valuable time in the RTW process, even if Falck is not involved in the actual treatment of the employee. It is the Volvo Group as an employer who decides the next step based on the suggestions Falck provides as an independent expert resource.

In case of emergency, life threatening and severe injuries call 112.

Order Online

I can't find the right service

Services shown on My Pages are Volvo's contracted services in the field of corporate health. If you wish to order other services or want a quote at group or organizational level, you can choose to send a request to customer service. You will then be contacted by a dialogue on needs and possible services.

I don't know which service to choose

If you need help choosing a service, you can contact customer service or ask the question directly online. Contact Customer Service

How can I see if my order is sent?

Once you have clicked on "order" in the form, you will receive confirmation that your order has been sent.

How do I know that my co-worker has been offered for some time?

Both you and your co-workers will receive an e-mail with confirmation of the booked time.

How can my employees cancel or reschedule their time?

The confirmation email will tell you the phone number where the employee can call to cancel or rebook their time.

Order history

Where can I find the order history?

A link to the order history can be found in the top menu on the customer page. In order for you to be able to see orders in the history, you have to have ordered services logged in via the online order form. You can only see orders made after May 15, 2023.

What is shown in the order history?

Order history shows all information and details about each order placed.

Services mediated by phone or ordered without logging in are not shown in the order history.

Can employees see order history?

Because the history requires logging in, employees today cannot see the order history of the orders they themselves have placed online.


It says I'm not an authorized customer when I try to log in?

If you are posted as a manager in the Volvo Group's personnel system (SAP HR), you are automatically registered as an authorized customer at Falck.

As an HRBP, you need to be registered as an HRBP in the Volvo Group's personnel system (SAP HR).

  • Employee HRBP who cannot order contact omgovernance@volvo.com and state name, employment number and the department numbers you are responsible for
  • Consultants who work as HRBP can order without logging in, but cannot see the order history.

Feedback to the employer

Why is feedback to the manager important after Assessment visits on work-related health?

Employees have the opportunity to book the service Assessment visit without first getting this approved by the employer.

After the Assessment visit, information connected to the employer's work and rehabilitation responsibilities needs to be fed back to the manager as early as possible – after consent.

This is a prerequisite for work adaptation or rehabilitative measures to begin.

Feedback should therefore be made after the first Assessment visit. If there are reasons not to involve the employer, the employee can receive up to a maximum of three visits, without it being reported back to the manager.

Questions and Support

Contact our customer service through secure forms online or call us all ordinary weekdays 08:00–16:30 on 0775-522 522