Systematic Work Environment Management

Occupational Hygiene Measurement

The occupational hygiene measurement examines, among other things, noise, light and air quality in your workplace. The measurement is based on the guidelines of the Swedish Work Environment Authority and provides answers to underlying causes that can contribute to ill health for your employees.

The occupational hygiene measurement examines the factors in the work environment that can be contributing to ill health. The measurement provides a basis on which you can start to create a better working environment – and as we all know, a improved work environment leads to increased work performance and profitability.

The measurement meets the requirements of health and safety legislation for mapping/measurement. It can be part of a larger survey of your physical working conditions, or be carried out as a targeted action.

The following areas are measured:

  • Noise level
  • Lighting
  • Climate/Ventilation
  • Air pollution
  • Vibration


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