Statutory Checkups


This statutory health checkup is aimed at all employees with ongoing or planned mercury exposure. The checkup meets the legal requirement according to AFS 2019:3, 2011:19.

Before a new employee takes up his or her post involving mercury exposure, a medical checkup shall be carried out. After that, the checkup should be carried out every three years. The inspection is carried out in accordance with section 63, Appendix 9.

This does not apply to workers where the employer's risk assessment shows that exposure to mercury is negligible.

How it works

  1. Order service Once you have ordered the service, your employee will be booked in for the health checkup. The time is notified by e-mail to the employee with a copy to you as the orderer.
  2. Visit The visit includes a medical checkup as well as sampling via urine samples and blood tests.
  3. Feedback A certificate of service is issued for the employee and sent to you as the orderer.

Medical ceckup – Mercury