Statutory Checkups

Allergenic chemical products

The health check meets the legal requirement according to Chemical Occupational Safety and Health Risks (AFS 2011:19) and Section 32 of the Regulations on Medical Checks at Work (AFS 2019:3).

In order to ensure that the work is carried out safely for all employees, the medical check-up shall be preceded by a risk assessment of the work environment.

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on Chemical hazards in the working environment (AFS 2014:43, § 37a-g), people exposed to thermosetting plastic must also undergo training on safe work when working with allergenic chemical products.

When to perform the check-up

The first check-up shall be carried out before the employee begins the employment, thereafter 3-6 months after the first workday and then every two years. This applies to employees who are exposed to:

  • diisocyanotate or organic acid anhydride
  • chemical products containing ethyl-2-cyacrylate or methyl-2-cyanoacrylate more than 30 minutes per week

The check-up shall be provided before starting work and repeated in the event of any inconvenience likely to be due to the work on the following products:

  • Acrylate plastics marked H 317 or H334
  • Epoxy plastic components

How the medical check-up works

  1. Attach risk assessment and indicate substances exposed
    When you order the service, you attach the risk assessment and specify the substance your employee is exposed to at work. When the service is ordered, your employee is booked for a health check. The time is communicated in an email to your employee and to you as the orderer.

  2. Physical
    During the medical check-up, a history review, examination and spirometry are carried out.

  3. Certificate
    A certificate of service or a medical certificate is issued, depending on the employee's exposure.


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