Statutory Checkups


Health check when working with lead in accordance with Section 44 of the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on Medical checks at work, with assessment for certificate for service.

The lead health check is aimed at employees, newly recruited such as existing ones, who will be exposed to lead in their work. The check-up meets the Swedish Work Environment Authority's legal requirements and follows their regulations on Medical Checks at Work (AFS 2019:3).

Before the employee takes up the position, the staff member shall carry out a lead exposure health check. Thereafter, it shall be carried out every three years.  

How the medical check for lead works

  1. Specify the topics to which your employee is exposed
    When ordering the service, it is important that you, as the manager, specify the substances – in addition to lead – that are in the working environment. When the service is ordered, your employee is booked for a health check. The time is communicated in an email to the employee and to you as the orderer.

  2. Medical examination and sampling
    During the check-up, the occupational health physician will examine your employee and take samples such as urine tests and blood tests.

  3. Certificate of service is issued
    The employee is informed about the serviceability assessment and a certificate for service is sent to you as the orderer.


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