Rehabilitation and support

Team-Based Work Ability Assessment

An assessment conducted by a team of specialists clarifies any medical limitations in work capacity to give employers and employees clear conditions for planning in the ongoing rehabilitation process.

Overall assessment of work capacity

Our team-based work ability assessment is a mapping and review of work ability regarding physical, mental and psychosocial functions. The service may be relevant when you as a manager are concerned about or find that the employee has a reduced ability to work due to medical reasons. It may also be relevant if there is a need, for both the individual employee and the employer, to obtain an overall assessment of work ability with following actions.

The assessment is carried out by a multi-professional team consisting of:

  • rehab coordinators
  • occupational health physicians
  • psychologists
  • physiotherapists

Team-based work ability assessment normally takes 6-8 weeks to complete and the orderer always receives a written statement.

How the work ability assessment works

  1. Dialogue
    Team-based work ability assessment starts with a structured dialogue between the orderer and a rehab coordinator, where the reason and purpose of the service is clarified.

  2. Visit
    The employee meets with the multi-professional team on four separate occasions for individual conversations and checks to assess the work ability.
  3. Assessment and opinion
    The multi-professional team makes an overall assessment and compiles a written statement. The employee then returns for a separate visit to take note of the statement before it is sent to the orderer for the final accounting meeting.

  4. Accounting meeting
    The meeting is chaired by the rehab coordinator who report the results of the work ability assessment for the orderer and their employee.
    The goal is for the orderer and employee to agree on continued planning within the framework of the rehabilitation process.


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