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First day certificate Investigation

Before you as an employer can decide whether an employee must present a first day certificate from the first day of sick leave, an investigation must be done. The investigation can be carried out with the help of Falck, or by your own organization.

If your own organization has carried out the investigation, you activate the service and attach a copy of the investigation and the decision. The employee can then contact Falck to issue a first-day certificate. Activate first day certificate

What is a first-day certificate?

A first day certificate is a certificate that you as an employer can request from the employee for special reasons, such as repeated short periods of illness.

Investigation for first day certificates

Our rehab coordinator investigates and provides you as an employer with a basis for deciding on a first day certificate.

  1. Dialouge between employer and rehab coordinator The investigation starts with a phone call or online visit between you as an employer and a rehab coordinator at Falck. Together we review the employee's history and sick leave patterns.
  2. Dialouge between employee and rehab coordinator
    In the next step, the employee meet a rehab coordinator in an online visit with a focus on, among other things, lifestyle, work situation and sick leave.
  3. Statement
    The Previa statement forms the basis for you as an employer to make decisions about rehabilitation measures. A decision on a first day certificate may be one such measure.

How a first day certificate is issued

  • Employee meet a nurse in an online visit
  • A certificate is issued and sent to the manager by secure email. After consent from the employee, information about the cause of the sick leave is stated in the certificate.

Are you an employee and need a first- day certificate?
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Order investigation

Here you as an employer can order an investigation for first day certificates.

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