Organisation and Leadership Support

Organisational and social safety round

Organisational and social safety rounds are a tool for applying and conducting systematic work environment management for psychosocial issues. The service is a support for employers to follow the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations and to secure and develop their own work environment management.

The service is designed to meet the Swedish Work Environment Authority's new regulations regarding organisational and social work environment (AFS 2015:4). The regulations cover, among other things, workload, working hours, coflicts and victimization.

How the safety round works

The organisational and social protection round is aimed at employers as support to systematically prevent and increase the organisation's ability to counteract ill health.

The round follows a consultant-led process with active participation. The aim is to facilitate the integration of social and organisational issues into work environment management. It is becoming increasingly clear that it is not possible to divide work environment management into one physical and one organisational and social part – the two perspectives are closely linked.

The service gives you increased knowledge and skills in systematic work environment management. It includes a survey that provides a current picture of the social work environment; and it teaches health factors in particular.

The round includes:

  • Social and organisational work environment factors – such as requirements in work, organisation and content
  • Cooperation and management
  • Employee-workplace relationship
  • Values
  • Health and well-being – Victimization

The employers also receives:

  • Support in risk assessment
  • Analysis and action planning
  • Knowledge and skills how the work is carried out systematically around psychosocial work environment issues


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