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Investigation of victimization

Often, violations occur as a result of unresolved conflicts in a workplace. The employer always has a responsibility to investigate suspicions of victimization, bullying, harassment and other types of ill health in the workplace.

Previa's investigative services regarding victimization, bullying and harassment are based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulation for organizational and social work environment (AFS 2015:04). The investigation is aimed at you as an employer and the goal is to support you when questions about this arise.

How the investigation works

  1. A first consultation
  2. Pre-assessment, advice and support
  3. Fact-finding

First consultation

As an organisation you always get a thorough assignment dialogue and consultation. The aim is to clarify the complexity and ensure what measures need to be taken. The consultation is done in two stages.

  • Step one: Current situation analysis, history and progress, past interventions and effects, the behaviour of those concerned and additional relevant circumstances.

  • Step two: Preliminary assessment of whether it is a violation/bullying, discrimination, harassment, conflicts, misconduct, infected manager/personnel case and so on.

If you want to proceed after this consultation is up to you.

Pre-assessment, counselling and support

Pre-assessment, counselling and support are suitable in case of suspicion, an unclear report or if there is a need for clarification regarding the scope, seriousness and problems.

This is led by a psychologist, behavioural scientist or organizational consultant and includes:

  • An in-depth dialogue and planning with the the orderer or HR manager 

  • Analysis of available, known and concrete information

  • Interview, dialogue and feedback with the person/persons who reported

  • The person/persons may read the interview

  • Compilation, analysis, assessment of fact-finding may be appropriate

  • Second opinion by senior Falck consultant

  • Oral report, recommendations and advice

After this, the work can either be completed or transition to continued support/coaching. Then with fact-finding to support good handling of the case.


Fact-finding is appropriate when there is a completed report or in case of strong suspicion of abusive discrimination, bullying or harassment. The client is aware of the complexity and is informed of the method of investigation.

The fact-finding is led by a psychologist/behavioural scientist/organizational consultant and means:

  • Investigation and clarification of facts related to reported or suspected instance of abusive discrimination/ bullying/ harassment. This is done in accordance with AFS 2015:4, Organisational and Social Work Environment.

  • To review and clarify whether the employer has the necessary policies and procedures and if they have been applied.

  • Based on the results of the investigation, it is assessed whether or not the violation/ bullying/ harassment occurred, as well as the underlying circumstances.

  • Based on AFS 2015:4 and the results of the investigation, recommendations are made for appropriate preventive and remedial measures.


Here you as a manager or authorized orderer at your company can make an order enquiry directly online. Describe your wishes and needs and we will contact you for more information.