Organisation and Leadership Support

Group development

Many employees work in groups that cooperate to achieve the business' goals. The conditions for the collaboration are crucial for the success and commitment of the team. This applies whether it is a management team, temporary project group or more stable working group.

Falck helps you create effective workgroups and teams. With proven methods, we lay the foundation for effective cooperation between your employees. Once the foundation is in place, we can create a development process for greater efficiency and sustainability.

We know that businesses with well-functioning and efficient working groups and teams are more productive and profitable. And we also know that employees in these businesses are more engaged and have better health.

How the group development works

  1. Mapping the team and working group

    First, a type of mapping is done to get an idea of how the working group and the team work. The focus is often on how the working group and the team perceive their interaction, how clear the goals are and how leadership is perceived.
  2. Development process plan

    The mapping results in a plan that is developed together with you. The plan is based on the continued development process, which can include workshops, training efforts and training in the use of various tools. Our way of working is based on high participation and commitment from both leaders and employees in the working group or team.


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