Organisation and Leadership Support

Counselling and support for managers

Counselling for managers, manager support and work environment-focused management. Falck has experienced supervisors and coaches who support and guide you as a manager in your leadership and work environment management.

You get support and knowledge about what conditions and efforts are needed to create a healthy work environment, become a better manager and develop yourself.

Counselling for managers

Get counselling, support and guidance in leadership based on your needs. Previa's experts will help you move forward in your leadership development.

How the management guide works

  1. First call

    Together we will review your needs and wishes regarding management guidance. We prioritize your most important development areas and goals.
  2. Tutorials

    During three tutorial sessions, your priority development areas are in focus. The number of occasions, length and frequency can be adjusted based on needs and goals. Goals are set and you get tips on new skills in your assignment as a manager and leader. Between occasions, you are instructed to apply your new skills to your business. We also reflect on personal development areas that are important for your assignment as a manager.
  3. Follow-up

    The coounselling ends with follow-up of your goals.

Work environment-focused counselling for managers

The counselling is based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on organizational and social work environment (AFS 2015:4). The counselling will help you take the step from what to do to how it should be done.

Through counselling you get support in securing and developing a good work environment management. Through increased knowledge of how work environment factors affect well-being and performance, your leadership can be strengthened and improved. The method can be used strategically as a preventive measure or as a effort in challenges in the work environment management.

How the work environment-focused counselling works

  1. Start-up meeting

    During a meeting, we review your current work environment situation and your area of responsibility based on the organizational and social work environment (AFS 2015:4).
  2. Current situation analysis where development needs are identified

    The analysis focuses on organisational and social factors, as well as on leadership aspects that we know affect health and work environment. Development needs are identified. Goals and frameworks for the continued counselling are set.
  3. Counselling

    The starting point is three occasions of 1.5 hours. Number, length and frequency can be adjusted based on needs and goals. In the counselling you will get tips on new skills in your assignment as a manager and leader. In between the counselling, you are also instructed to apply your new skills in your company.
  4. Follow-up

    The counselling ends with follow-up of your set goals.

Coaching for managers

Good leadership is the key to good performance and well-being in all organisations. Previa's head coaching is a powerful process where you as a manager are challenged to become aware of where you want to go and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

The coaching for managers is solution-focused and result-oriented and is based on an interaction between you as a manager and the coach from Falck. Each coaching process is tailored to you and your needs.

How coaching for managers works

  1. Start-up meeting

    Together with a coach from Falck, the current situation is being mapped. We review goals and visions, create concrete goals in the shorter and longer term.
  2. Scheduled coaching sessions

    We meet regularly based on agreement on the number of coaching sessions. Length and frequency we decide together, but our recommendation is usually around 3-6 coaching sessions. On each occasion, it is decided which focus areas should be prioritised. New milestones are set and follow-up takes place continuously.
  3. Follow-up

    The coaching for managers ends with follow-up of set goals.

Manager support

As a manager, you may need support when something has happened at your work and/or in your private life. Through manager support, you get fast support and guidance. The support can relate to both your own situation in the assignment as manager, your responsibility for employees or issues related to the organisational and social work environment. It can also be about private matters.


Here you as a manager and authorized customer at your company can make an order request directly online. Describe your wishes and needs and we will contact you for more information.