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Conflict management

Conflicts are common and can range from petitesses to complicated and difficult issues. A conflict is something that prevents an individual from doing what he or she wants to do, which creates frustration among employees. The feeling of frustration is what drives and keeps the conflict alive.

The background to conflicts often exists in everyday, general conditions. It can exist between individuals and groups at al levels in an organization.

A successful business needs employees who have different opinions and where constructive discussions promote innovation and development. These conditions are based on well-developed and functioning groups and teams.

Successful groups and teams

The negative effects of conflicts are so extensive for the business that preventive work on building functioning collaborative working groups is always recommended. Collaborative working groups are characterised by members who are curious, investigative, active, non-valued and committed to developing good relations within the group and with other groups and teams.

How conflict management works

In order to deal with a conflict, it is important to map out how conflicts manifest themselves at the different levels. Common causes of conflict are ambiguity in assignments, lack of ability to manage the assignment, lack of communication and an organisation that does not appreciate differences and different perceptions.

  1. Bring in an expert for an outside perspective

    An external expert should be engaged when unresolved conflicts in the workplace are to be handled. The expert maps out what the conflict is about and what factors and/or relationship factors are behind it.
  2. The behaviour of those involved is being investigated

    The behaviours, feelings and motivation of the parties involved in conflict are examined for a recommendation on action. Falck has both experts and tools to use in different types of conflict management.


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