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Health Check-Up

The purpose of a health check-up is to identify signs of ill health at an early stage, as well as to stimulate employees to increase insight and responsibility for their own health.

Diseases can be prevented or alleviated if detected in time. For the employee, this means an understanding of prevention and the importance of lifestyle for health. The good health of employees promotes the company's efficiency and the individual's performance.

How the health check-up is done

  1. Time booked
    Once you have ordered the service, your employee will be booked for a health check-up. The time is communicated in an e-mail to your co-worker and to you as the orderer.

  2. Visit to a occupational health nurse
    The visit includes a review of questionnaires, calls and sampling.

Health check for travel in service

Employees who frequently travel in the service need to review their vaccination needs. We have a health check for that. Before the trip, the employee will also be given an overview of lifestyle issues, medications and illnesses.

Depending on the country, customer requirements and type of assignment, your employee may need to undergo a health check before working abroad in order to present a Health Certificate. For one, specify the country the employee is going to visit in the form, and we'll make an assessment.

How it works 

  1. Time for health check-up
    When the service is ordered, the employee is booked to the health check. The time is communicated by email to the employee with a copy to you as the client. A vaccination card is filled in by the employee.

  2. Visit to a occupational health nurse and physician
    The vaccination card is included for the visit to the occupational health physician and nurse. For best results, the vaccination review begins 6 months before the first trip.

  3. Issued certificate
    Your physician will issue a certificate that will be sent to you as the orderer. The employee will also receive a copy of an issued health certificate in English. If something is deemed abnormal, it is recommended to draw up an action plan together with the doctor, staff and manager.


You as a manager or authorized customer can order services directly online. After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email.

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