Counselling Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist

Our psychologists and behavioural scientists are available when there is a need for support, guidance or coaching. The counselling is aimed at both managers and employees and can be done online through a video meeting or telephone call.

When your employee needs support and guidance, our psychologists and behavioral scientists can help. It might regard a conflict, a crisis, symptoms of high stress or other reasons that the person do not feel well in the workplace. Both you as a manager, and your employee, may need support to take the right action.

How it works

  1. Time booked
    When ordering the service, it is important that you describe what questions and needs there are. You choose whether you want the counselling to be done via phone call or online via video call. You or your employee are then booked for an initial conversation with a psychologist/behavioural scientist. The time of the meeting and instructions are communicated via email and sms.

  2. Counselling with psychologist or behavioural scientist
    During the conversation, the psychologist/behavioural scientist adresses your questions or the employee's questions. An assessment is made based on the issue and situation, and suggestions for appropriate measures are given.

  3. Suggestions for continued action
    If the initial call has been made with an employee, feedback is made to you as the orderer. The feedback aims to clarify what can and needs to be done for further development. If the employee's problems fall outside the competence of occupational health, we give advice on where to turn for help and support.


You as a manager or authorized customer can order services directly online. After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email.

Want to know more?

Please contact us if you want to know more about the service or how we can provide support to your business.