Ergonomics Review (Individual)


We help your employee review their work situation from an ergonomic perspective. The ergonomic review is carried out based on the regulations for your particular workplace. The service is offered both as a physical visit or an online visit.

What it is

Ergonomics Review (Individual) aims to increase knowledge in ergonomics, how to make the best use of your workplace and your work tools. It can be about reviewing the workplace at the computer, one's work situation in a warehouse or in care work. The assessment is important to maintain one's health and to reduce the risk of stress-related disorders.

If you want to order an ergonomic review for a group, you can do so under the service Ergonomics Review (Group).

How it is done

  1. Order service
    State your request, where you want the service to be performed and your contact details in the order form. A phone appointment is booked to plan time and place. Specify whether telephone time should be booked with the employee or you as the client. The booked time will be notified via SMS.
  2. Review
    One of or physiotherapists or ergonomists makes a workplace visit or alternatively meets the employee at one of our locations or via video call in our app. During the visit, the expert examines the employee's problem, makes an assessment and suggestions on how the situation should be handled further.
  3. Feedback
    After the visit we contact you as orderer and you will receive a report with an assessment.