Vaccination against seasonal flu

Seasonal influenza is not dangerous for most people, but can make some people seriously ill. There is a risk that this year’s influenza will be unusually powerful. It is therefore important for risk groups to be vaccinated. If, as an employer, you wish to offer your employees influenza vaccination, you can turn to Previa.

Seasonal influenza is a virus that comes to Sweden every year and is most common during the winter. The virus is infectious and is spread by coughs and sneezes or by contact with someone who has it. In most cases, influenza is not dangerous and passes by itself after a couple of days’ rest and self care, but for some risk groups it can lead to serious complications.

Employers are able to offer the influenza vaccination, for example if employees are in a risk group or work in healthcare. Those who are vaccinated against influenza are better protected and, if they still become ill, the symptoms are usually milder.

“As a first step, employers should consider offering vaccine to employees in the medical risk groups,” says Torbjörn Vedberg, Acting Medical Manager of Previa.

Protection against serious illness

We don’t know for certain what effects influenza will have this year, but since the spread of infection was low during the pandemic, we risk being more receptive to infection and becoming ill. The vaccine does not give hundred per cent protection, but it relieves the symptoms and protects against serious illness. It is therefore extra important for risk groups to be vaccinated.

Groups who are recommended annual vaccination against seasonal influenza:
• People aged over 65
• Pregnant women in the second and third trimester
• People with chronic illnesses
• Cardiac or pulmonary disease
• Unstable diabetes
• Greatly reduced immune defences because of illness or medication
• Liver or kidney failure
• Severely overweight or neuromuscular diseases that affect breathing

How to order the vaccine

Would you like to offer your employees vaccination against this year’s influenza? Please get in touch with us at Falck Previa for more information. We can accept bookings for groups and give the vaccinations at our units or your workplace.

To order the vaccine, either use our order form online or contact Previa near you.

Reduce the risk of spreading infection

To reduce the risk of spreading viruses, you should regularly wash your hands with soap and water. If you do not have access to water, you can use hand sanitizer. Sneeze and cough into the crook of your arm and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Stay home if you have symptoms.