Seasonal Flu Vaccination

The seasonal flu is harmless to most people, but can make some people seriously ill. This year there is a risk that the flu will be extra strong. It is particularly important for those who work in health care to get vaccinated. Falck helps you vaccinate your employees.

Seasonal flu is a virus that comes to Sweden every year, most commonly during the winter months. The virus is infectious and is spread through coughs and sneezes or through contact with someone who has it. In most cases, the flu is harmless and passes on its own after a few days of rest, but for risk groups it can lead to serious complications.

As an employer there is a reason to offer flu vaccination to generally counteract higher sickness rates during the winter months. Those who are vaccinated are better protected and if they do get sick, they usually have milder symptoms.

It is especially important for employees who work in healthcare to reduce the spread of infection to risk groups. Those working close to patients and care recipients with an increased risk of serious symptoms, for example in housing for the elderly and in home care, it is especially important to get vaccinated according to the Public Health Agency.

- Employers should primarily consider offering vaccines to employees who work in healthcare and secondarily to other employees, says Torbjörn Vedberg, Chief Medical Officer at Falck.

Protection against serious illness

We don't know for sure how the flu will hit this year, but since the spread of infection was low during the pandemic, we risk being more receptive to infection and becoming ill. The vaccine does not provide 100% protection, but it relieves symptoms and protects against serious illness.

How to order vaccines

Do you want to offer vaccination to your employees against this year's flu? Contact Falck for more information. We accept orders for groups and carry out vaccinations at our units or at your workplace.

To order vaccines, you can either use the online order form or contact Falck near you.