New e-learning about stress and stress management

Falck Previa now offers new digital training on stress in working life, in which, among other things, participants can learn more about how stress works and how important recovery is.

The training acts as an inspiration to working in a preventive way with stress and recovery. The training is divided into three parts and goes through important areas such as stress reactions and the connections between stress and physical activity.

“A brief period of stress can be seen as something positive. It gets us to pull ourselves together and focus. But if we are stressed over a longer period without the opportunity for recovery, it begins to become tiring and rather negative,” says Maria Steneskog Nyman, behavioural adviser at Falck Previa.

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If we are stressed over a longer period without recovery, it begins to be exhausting

Prevent fatigue and sick leave

The training is aimed at both employees and managers in all types of workplace. It can act not only as a basis for talking about stress, recovery and health, but also as an introduction for new employees.

“It is important for employees and managers know about stress and how we should manage it, not only for well-being but above all in the work of preventing fatigue and sick leave,” says Maria Steneskog Nyman.