E-learning on high-risk use and addiction

Now you with staff responsibility can gain knowledge about how to best prevent and remedy problems with alcohol and drugs in your workplace. Falck's new e-learning course provides up-to-date perspectives on, among other things, different types of use, comorbidity, the responsibilities of different roles and the importance of acting on early signals.

– It is important that employers have the knowledge to be able to prevent and address problems with alcohol and drugs in the workplace for several reasons. Things like safety in the workplace but also productivity, performance, working relationships and collaboration can be negatively affected, says Ann Berntsdotter, Occupational Health Physician at Falck, who has been involved in developing the e-learning course and is a presenter in the lectures.

Excerpts from e-learning Risky Use and Addiction

Risky use and dependence on alcohol and other drugs can have serious consequences for both the employee and the organization. There is much to be gained by detecting early signals and working preventively.

The goal of the training is for you to feel more secure in your role in all matters related to risky use and addiction. The content includes general knowledge about alcohol and drugs linked to working life. You will also learn more about how to act on signals that you or your employees have noticed, who is responsible for what and how occupational health services can help.

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Säkerställ en hälsosam arbetsmiljö för alla anställda.

Who is the e-learning for?

The training is primarily aimed at managers or HR professionals who want to learn more about how to best manage and prevent problems with alcohol and drugs in their workplace.

Why e-learning?

Falck already offers customized training in high-risk use and addiction. We now choose to supplement with an e-learning course to make it even easier for you as an employer to quickly gain more knowledge in the area.

"The e-learning course gives those with staff responsibility an increased knowledge of how to have clear alcohol and drug policies as part of the systematic work environment management to create security in the business," says Ann Berntsdotter.

You can find our e-training here.