New e-learning courses on Ergonomics and Diisocyanates

Are you working in front of a computer, in healthcare or with heavy lifting? Now you can easily learn how to work safer and prevent injuries. Falck's three new e-training courses in ergonomics give you the tools you need. To meet new EU-regulations on work with diisocyanates, we have also supplemented our e-training on allergenic chemical products.

We work increasingly sedentary or with monotonous movements. The change makes it all the more important to learn how to reduce the risk of injury. Falck has updated its e-learning in ergonomics to meet the changes taking place in the work environment.

Warehouse workers pull a pallet lift

The three e-trainings are made for the target group and are aimed at employees and managers who work in healthcare and who work at the computer or perform heavy lifting at work. The courses contain industry-specific ergonomics knowledge and work techniques, as well as sections on the body and the work environment.

- Increased understanding of the body's conditions enables a more ergonomic way of working, says Linnéa Arbman, ergonomist in Kista, who has been involved in developing the e-learning course and is a presenter in the lectures.

Knowledge of ergonomics prevents ill health at work

In Sweden, we have a vision that everyone should work under safe and secure conditions. No one should have to be injured or suffer ill health because of their job. Ergonomics is about adapting the work environment to human conditions. The aim is to organise and design workplaces and tasks in such in a way that prevents the risk of hazardous or unnecessarily tiring loads.

- Increased knowledge of ergonomics reduces the risk of injury or ill health. Ergonomics is important both in sedentary work and heavy lifting such as in healthcare, construction, industry and trade, says Linnéa Arbman.

E-learning meets new rules on working with diisocyanates 

Falck is now offering an add-on to the e-learning Allergenic Chemical Products for everyone who works with diisocyanates. The training must be done before new rules come into force on August 24, 2023.

The complementary e-learning is created on the basis of the REACH Regulation. We are proud to have received the training so quickly and to be able to offer it based on Swedish and international requirements, Monica Green, Work Environment Engineer in Linköping.

We also offer physical delivery of the training, which can then be made company-adapted. Contact Falck if you want a more advanced level where training is combined with safety rounds on site.

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