Falck Previa's handbook for a sustainable working life

Handbook for a sustainable working life 2022 contains 190 tips and advice for how workplaces can develop and maintain health and a good work environment. The tips can be used as a source of knowledge in work environment management, as an encyclopaedia and checklist when difficulties arise or as inspiration in daily work.

With Falck Previa's handbook for a sustainable working life, we want to contribute in a concrete way with knowledge and tips for creating workplaces where people feel good and perform.

The new edition is updated with important tips on, among other things, hybrid and remote work, remote leadership and how to handle major changes in working life.

The handbook is intended to serve both as a source of inspiration for efforts in everyday life and as a checklist for those who want to work long-term and systematically with their organization, leadership and their employees' health - whether it is with the support of an occupational health or not.

Here we address, among other things, how organizations and companies can develop leadership and how they can create a good physical and social work environment. The handbook also contains concrete tips on how to deal with stress and unhealthy workload, conflicts and mental illness.  

Download the handbook as a pdf free of charge.

The handbook in Swedish

The handbook in English