Performance and recovery at work

Tuesday 28 September, Previa invites you to a free webinar about the importance of recovery in everyday life. We go through the basics of how you can work with recovery, both as an individual and as an organization, to avoid stress and exhaustion.

In elite sport, it has long been known that in order to achieve good results and avoid injuries, recovery is just as important as training. In our working life, we must stay healthy until retirement, and therefore it is crucial that both the individual and the organization have a clear approach to understanding, facilitating and protecting recovery.

In this webinar we guide you in the basics about how you as an individual and you as an organization can work with recovery in a sustainable way.

Lecturer: Mattias Engström, psychologist and organizational consultant at Previa.
Moderator: Erik Berglund, Head of Education at Previa.

Language: Swedish

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