New expectations when offices open up

Thursday 9 September, Previa invites you to a webinar about new expectations as we begin to partially return to the office. We discuss how leadership is affected and how you as a manager need to act in relation to employees' attitudes and the new conditions in working life.

Preparations to reopen the offices are in full swing for many. Soon we will finally get to meet in the coffee room, talk to customers and partners in the same meeting room and life will begin to return to normal.

But after over a year of working from home, most of us have created new habits and new routines for how we work. For many, it is no longer self-evident to go back to the office five days a week.

The way back is not about going back to what was and continuing in old wheel tracks. Let the road back be a fresh start and an opportunity to meet and create the future together.

In this webinar we talk about how you as a manager can take advantage of the opportunities that open up when we get to meet again, how we can take with us what we learned during the pandemic and how to include the employees when planing for the new working life.

Lecturer: Kristina Spegel, psychologist at Previa

Language: Swedish

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