Hand-intensive work - new rules apply

On Tuesday, December 7, Previa invites you to a free webinar about hand-intensive work. Based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's new rules, we talk about what applies when employees work hand-intensively and how you as an employer know if these rules apply to your workplace.

What is hand-intensive work, what are the rules and when should they be applied? As an employer, you need to think about whether there are hand-intensive tasks in your business, i.e. moments that are felt in your hands, but also in the elbow, shoulder or neck, after a working day.

In this webinar, we provide answers on how to find out if your business is covered by the new legislation AFS 2019:3 "Medical check-ups in working life" that includes hand-intensive work.

Participants: Linnéa Arbman, physiotherapist/ergonomist, Maria Eliasson, project manager and Erik Berglund, head of education.

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