CPR training

A cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training give you basic knowledge of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and how to use a heart starter. The training is only available as a company-adapted training.

Every day, more than 20 people experience a sudden cardiac arrest in Sweden. 37% of those affected are of working age. With fast and correct action, the chance of survival increases by two to three times.

The CPR training

You will gain skills that can save lives. The education alternates theories with practical exercises, alone and in pairs.

  • Assessment of consciousness and breathing
  • Chest compressions and rescue breaths
  • Using a semi-automatic heart starter
  • Helping a person affected by respiratory arrest: back stroke and abdominal pressure

Course length

The course lasts for two hours. You can get it company-adapted, then it also includes First Aid exercises (CPR with First Aid) and lasts for about four hours.


Training packages include, among other things, practice dummy that facilitates repetition at work or at home.

After the CPR training

Through the training you will learn to identify a cardiac arrest, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and help a person who has suffered respiratory arrest, according to current guidelines from the CPR Council. You'll also get an introduction to using a semi-automatic heart starter.

Other terms and conditions

The training can be rebooked or cancelled free of charge up to four weeks before the training begins. After that, 100% of the cost will be charged.

Invoicing takes place before the start of the course. Payment terms 30 days.

Previa reserves the right to cancel or rebook courses due to too few participants.

Business adaptation

The training can of course be adapted to your specific needs and conditions. You then choose whether you want the training to be held at your own workplace or in Previa's premises.

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