Mental training online

Mental training online is a program with several CBT-based tools to develop mental skills to deal with all sorts of challenges.

Our Mental training online service is a web-based program that the employee easily can access via computer, mobile or tablet. The program gives the employee a toolbox of mental strategies to refocus, perform at their best, handle adversity constructively and get rid of unhelpful thoughts. Mental training online is developed by Braive.

Online mental training lasts for eight weeks through web-based lessons consisting of movies, activities and audio-based exercises. The participant acquires knowledge of mental abilities, master strategies and making changes. Every week the participant has follow-up with a coach (psychologist or behavioral scientist from Previa) via video call and chat.

How it works

  1. Order service
    When you as a manager ordered the service Mental training online, the employee is booked for an initial conversation with a psychologist/behavioural scientist. At the same time, the employee receives a digital health check (by e-mail) to fill in.
  2. A first conversation
    The initial conversation with the employee aims to ensure that mental training online is suitable as an effort and that the employee is motivated to start the program. The employee's completed health check serves as a discussion material to identify and get an overview of the challenges that the employee faces.
  3. Mental training online
    The employee starts the program and take part in the sections. Every two weeks, employees and coach have dialogue and follow-up through video calls, and every two weeks through a chat-function.
  4. End of program and evaluation
    Once the program is completed, feedback is given to you as the manager. The feedback aims to clarify the impact of implemented programmes as well as proposals for measures to ensure long-term, good health.

Stress management online is carried out via a secure web page through login with BankID.


Here you as a manager can order the service. After you place your order, an appointment is booked for you or your employee. The time will be communicated by e-mail.