My Wellbeing Health Survey

Through a health examination, early signs of ill health can be identified while increasing the understanding of your own health and wellbeing. For this service, an invoice is sent to a central cost center at Nordea.

You have the opportunity to book a free health survey. If you are 55 years old or older, you are able to book a survey annually. If you are younger than 55 years old every two years.

How it works

  1. Ordering service
    Fill in the form. After that, you will receive an email with time for your visit to Previa. The email also includes a personal link to a web-based questionnaire (Hamp questionnaire) for you to answer before your visit. The survey is based on validated questions about lifestyle, physical work environment, social work environment, health, stress disorders, etc.

  2. Health survey
    The visit takes place at the nearest Previa unit. This is what happens at your visit:

    - review of questionnaires and dialogue on lifestyle habits and perceived health and tips on intervention

    - measurement of height and weight (BMI), stomach scope, blood pressure

    - sampling: cholesterol, blood value, blood fats and glucose

    IMPORTANT! Avoid eating or drinking 4 hours before the visit. Water and coffee/tea without sugar and milk is fine.

  3. Feedback
    If your results show some form of ill health, you will receive recommendations on the further actions from the occupational health nurse. In some cases a doctor's appointment is booked in for further assessment.